About us


We are a young couple with a great passion for road trips and old VW campers. The idea of making a small business out of our passion came during a nice long trip we made last year and three small episodes in a short period of time sort of walked us towards it.

#1 – On our way to Ireland
We had a short road trip to Ireland and we were driving in our Transit (we weren’t proud owners of a VW), when we spotted a T2 on the way. This is nothing rare here in the UK but was just nice to wave at the other driver and receive a smile and wave back.

#2 – A late-summer Sicilian wedding
A couple of good friends got married in the beautiful town of Sciacca in Sicily. We were standing in the square just outside the church and literally start jumping when we saw that waiting at the bottom of the staircase there was a beautiful red T2 waiting for the just married couple.

#3 – Planning our road-trip in South Africa
Among the three, this was what really clicked the idea in our minds. Sat on a sofa of a friend in South Africa, we were planning our road trip from Cape Town to Johannesburg. We love camping so we browsed few campers’ hire websites (probably the same thing you’re doing now!!) and for some reasons ended up on a UK VW campervan hire website. We instantly fall in love with the idea and basically here we are! Just in case you’re curious, unfortunately the VWs in South Africa were booked out for a festival and we ended up with a car and a tent, it was a lot of fun anyway!

On our way back to the UK we bought the two beautiful T2s and another journey started: the restoration one!!! You can follow the full restoration journeys here:


Terry_Our VW vans

And now we are ready for the next part of the journey, rent the vans out to you and let you live your own adventures!
So if you share with us the passion for road-trips and VWs, hire a campervan today!
What will be your story?